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Upgrading Your Business Communication

04.09.23 01:57 PM Comment(s) By Alex

Traditional POTS, PSTN, and Copper Lines Are Being Retired

In the ever-changing landscape of business communication, the time has come to bid farewell to the old-school POTS lines, standing for "Plain Old Telephone Services." These outdated phone communication services are gradually being phased out by telecom providers due to their obsolescence and declining profitability. 

 Why Are POTS, PSTN, and Copper Lines Being Retired?

Consider POTS in the same light as traditional landlines - it's following the natural progression of technology, much like the shift from 3G and 4G networks to the lightning-fast 5G wireless technology. As businesses increasingly demand modern and efficient services, it no longer makes economic sense for providers to maintain legacy systems.

The Pressure to Upgrade Business Communication

Businesses are feeling the pressure to upgrade their communication systems, and in some cases, they are being nudged by their providers to make the switch. Telecom carriers in the United States have significantly increased the prices of POTS line services, sometimes by as much as $800 per line. This rise in POTS charges, in contrast to the decreasing mobile phone rates, has left many businesses with no choice but to consider alternatives. Providers are also discontinuing maintenance and support services, making it increasingly challenging for customers to retain their POTS lines.

The Presence of POTS Lines in Modern Businesses

Despite the decline in numbers, POTS lines are still present in businesses that have not yet modernized their communication systems. These lines serve various purposes, including alarm systems, elevators, and emergency-use phones. While the number of POTS lines has decreased significantly in the United States, there are still millions in operation.

The Benefits of Transitioning from POTS Lines
Transitioning to modern telecom systems can offer substantial benefits, including:

- Faster and More Automated Technology: Modern systems, such as cloud-based communications and VoIP phone systems, offer faster and more automated upgrades.
- Lower Costs: Switching to affordable mobile phone or VoIP rates and avoiding POTS price hikes can result in cost savings.
- Ease of Maintenance: Modern telecom systems are easier for IT teams to maintain, boosting productivity.
- Superior User Experience: Unified communications platforms combine instant messaging, video conferencing, and voice services, enhancing productivity.

Cost Savings through Transitioning

The amount of money you can save by transitioning from POTS lines depends on various factors, including your current costs and the quantity of lines. Here at Svetek IT Experts, we've seen companies save an average of 30%. Savings are more substantial for businesses with high-cost POTS lines.

Considerations When Replacing Business Communication Systems

When replacing POTS lines, it's crucial to consider:

- Proactive Planning: Plan for a digital alternative and understand when your provider plans to sunset POTS offerings.
- Supply Chain Delays: Consider potential supply chain delays and high demands for hardware that could impact your installation.
- Migration Plan: Establish a smooth migration plan that minimizes disruptions.
- Resource and Partner Support: Identify the resources, partners, and support needed for a successful transition.

A 5-Step Plan for Transition
To transition smoothly, follow this 5-step plan:

1. Audit Your Existing Lines: Understand your current POTS lines, costs, and impacted services.
2. Choose the Right Technology: Decide on the technology (e.g., SIP trunking, VoIP, cloud communications) that suits your needs.
3. Evaluate Your IT Network: Assess your infrastructure's capacity to support digital communications.
4. Migration Planning: Develop a phased migration plan that ensures continuity.
5. Resource and Support: Determine the necessary resources and seek support when required.

How Svetek IT Experts Can Assist You
Svetek IT Experts specializes in guiding businesses through the transition from POTS lines to modern alternatives. We offer:

- Auditing Services: Thorough inventory of your telecom services.
- Cost-Savings Assessment: Evaluate current prices and compare them to market-competitive options.
- Contract Negotiation: Negotiate cost-effective service contracts.
- Migration Planning: Assist in building a seamless migration plan.
- Support Services: Provide additional support when required.
- Cost Optimization Programs: Utilize analytics to reduce long-term telecom costs.

Ready to take the next step in upgrading your business communication? Click the button below to schedule a free consultation. 

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