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Svetek IT Experts - Solutions for Your Business
Mastering Digital Privacy

In our digitally connected world, maintaining privacy is vital, whether you're navigating the streets of flourishing Portland, OR, enjoying the growth of Vancouver, WA, or immersing yourself in the dynamism of Seattle, WA. Protecting your online presence is key to a secure digital experience.

On Your...
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Navigating the Competitive I-5 Corridor: How Dealerships Are Upgrading Their Telephony Systems
Explore the high-stakes world of car, boat, and trailer dealerships along the bustling I-5 corridor, from Portland to Vancouver, WA, and Seattle, WA. Discover how savvy business owners are strategically upgrading their telephony systems to gain a competitive edge.
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Upgrading Your Business Communication

In the ever-changing landscape of business communication, the time has come to bid farewell to the old-school POTS lines, standing for "Plain Old Telephone Services." These outdated phon...
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Passwordless Future
This blog post discusses Google's move towards passwordless authentication with passkeys and explores the potential benefits and drawbacks of this new authentication method.
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Unified Communications to Drive Business Productivity

Providing high-quality communication channels is crucial for any company. It promotes cross-department collaboration and faster exchange of thoughts.

Legacy phones are not suited for this; many business owners look for a modern solution, which leads them to unified communications.

But what exactly is ...

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