Svetek - IT Solutions for Your Business
Svetek - IT Solutions for Your Business
VoIP Security Tips
No traditional phone call system in a business beats VoIP for efficiency and flexibility. However, it is not resistant to cyberattacks. We want to share with your some tips for securing your VoIP.
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The Seven Mistakes

Time spent trying to figure out the technology you use in your business can be costly. While doing that, you can’t focus on your business needs, resulting in poor customer satisfaction. 

This is where IT providers come into play. 

They enable you to outsource hardware and computing-related s...

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The Five Steps for Building a Business Continuity Plan
A business continuity plan (BCP) is the ideal leadership tool that will help you prepare for the unexpected.
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What is in cybersecurity audit?
A brief description of cybersecurity audit.
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Services for nonprofits

With fewer resources and less funding due to the pandemic, greater operating efficiency is vital. With Big degree of responsibility - cybersecurity is essential.
Svetek LLC offers a range of services to help your nonprofit better implement, manage and secure technology services. We designed our offer...
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